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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: M2 Build Instructions on wiki (M2 : Build Instruction)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:27:55 GMT
I don't think we should keep creating so many spaces. The idea behind having multiple spaces
was to 
allow easier management of the documentation as we deliver new releases of Geronimo.

Documents not attached to specific Geronimo releases should all go into the same space, the

challenge would be to give that space a name "big enough" to clearly send the message what
organized in there. Today that space is named "Apache Geronimo SandBox", we definitively need
change it.

D. Blevins, if gbuild and vmbuild are part of the Geronimo project, would you consider moving
into the "Apache Geronimo SandBox"?

Again, we need to change that name soon, I couldn't come up with anything better at that time.
proposal anyone?


anita kulshreshtha wrote:
> Hi All, 
>     I would like to add Maven 2 build instructions to the wiki. Since
> the code base contains pom.xml files, people assume that it builds with
> M2. I am considering an index 'Apache Geronimo' or 'Apache Geronimo -
> Latest'. This space could deal with things happening on the trunk. As
> suggested by Jacek, I could use 'Apache Geronimo Build using Apache
> Maven 2' title for the new page.
>     Comments/suggestions?
> Thanks
> Anita
> --- Jacek Laskowski <> wrote:
>>On 6/19/06, anita kulshreshtha <> wrote:
>>>   I was looking for a suitable place to add the build instrucitons
>>>M2. I could not find any section dealing with the trunk at
>>Pick your favorite name and propose it. Send a note to dev and await
>>comments. Upon having received some, go and create it.
>>What about 'Apache Geronimo Build using Apache Maven 2' ?
>>Jacek Laskowski
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