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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Request change to RTC Process
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 04:04:37 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

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>Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>>Let's take this as an example. As we haven't discussed it yet, it
>>seems to me that such a change requires 3x+1 from PMC members. So,
>>only when this vote (it should possibly be a separate vote with
>>72-hour vote period to bring more attention) passes committers who are
>>not PMC members have their +1 binding. Am I correct?
>No.  Only PMC votes are binding.  There is only an issue here
>because the PMC != committers.  I think the most desirable
>solution is PMC === committers, but other people on the PMC
Indeed, I disagree and I would like have this rule relaxed in the case 
of RTC votes.

I think that one of the main goals of RTC is to encourage discussion of 
code changes and have a more collaborative development process. I do not 
see how this restriction (only PMC votes are binding) promotes further 
collaborative development.

Having said that, this change to RTC is a very nice change as it is now 
easier to follow what people are working on and more people can get 
involved and contribute.

Ken, could you please tell us if it is possible to relax the RTC rule? 
If this is not possible, then is it possible to relax the pre-requisites 
to be able to vote? For instance, I had a look to David J. JACC patch; I 
am fine with it; however, I have not applied and tested it; so, I cannot 


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