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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: RTC Thoughts
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 13:31:40 GMT
Stefan Arentz wrote:
.... skipping everything else ....
> I understand where Ken is coming from and how RTC works fine for a
> project like Apache's httpd. But just look at the number of
> sub-projects that Geronimo contains now, well over a hundred, and you

RTC doesn't work fine for httpd.  Trunk is CTR.  "stable" branches are 
RTC, with exceptions for OS specific, Documentation, and other things. 
But even that is bikeshedded[1] at least once a year.

> might realize that the traditional Apache development model might not

I believe if you look at the history of all the different TLPs, they all 
have different 'development models' today, and even more so different 
phases of their life times.  The only thing all TLPs share is a set of 
core values -- very little from a technical development model, such as 
if a trunk/branch is in RTC or CTR. (Oh, I guess we _all_ use Subversion 
now, but I digress...)

> be suited anymore for a project of Geronimo's scale. I don't know what
> that should mean in practice though. But I know for sure that Geronimo
> is not going to be the last project of this scale. This is a somewhat
> deeper thought but I think very essential in a RTC discussion for a
> project this complex.

I personally disagree that Geronimo's scale is too big for RTC. I 
believe that the community doesn't currently have the right structure to 
accommodate RTC successfully.

It's up to the community for how well Geronimo will progress, but I 
don't think you should look to 'httpd' as an example.


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