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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Klustering and Kache
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 00:55:41 GMT
This is a great news!

The WADI community is also working on providing clustering capabilities 
to Geonimo. The "first-pass" is still not yet checked-in and I expect to 
have it checked it next week.

The implementation will provide:
* pluggable replication strategy;
* support of a large number of nodes thanks to state partitioning;
* session relocation (move this state to this node as an inbound request 
bound to this state has been received on the node);
* request relocation or proxying; and
* pluggable transport: Tribes, JGroups, ActiveCluster on top of ActiveMQ.

As part of this integration, we are also ensuring full pluggability of 
clustering framework for Geronimo, i.e. Klustering and Kache can easily 
be plugged in.


Jeff Genender wrote:

>Hey community,
>I just wanted to pass a note that some of us are working on the
>geronimo-cache which is a "first-pass" at clustering in the sandbox:
>Its the beginning of a full replication implementation...its a start.  I
>would like to invite any and all to feel free to jump in and chat about
>it on the lists.
>Its not fully functional but its a hopeful move in the right direction.

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