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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Request change to RTC Process
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 17:43:21 GMT
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Aaron Mulder wrote:
> On 6/17/06, Rodent of Unusual Size <> wrote:
>> RTC means that you can't unilaterally and arbitrarily do things
>> *without* discussion.  Like, say, setting up a 
>> non-project-sponsored .com site and pointing project code at it
>> without discussion.
> Why are you so hung up on this?

Because you did it under CTR and claimed that RTC wouldn't
have made any difference.

> I don't see a problem.

Which may be part of the problem.

> This is how CTR works -- if there's an issue, people raise it, and
> changes are made.

CTR also says 'ideas are always RTC.'  You didn't offer
any of the new concept up for discussion, you just went
ahead and did it.  So it wasn't even done under the CTR

> It doesn't seem sensible that people are complaining about this
> months later.

At this point I think the complaints are more likely to
be addressing the apparent fact that you didn't and don't
see anything inappropriate with what you did.

> It certainly doesn't seem sensible to put a major crimp in project
> progress in order to assure that no code goes in that hasn't been
> pre-discussed (except, again, for a bug fix release like 1.1.1).

Your opinion.  Other opinions vary.

>> Only if some specific date schedule is a factor.  And if it is, I
>> ask again: why?
> Because Geronimo doesn't exist in a vacuum.  We've started 
> significantly after competing open-source application servers such as
> JOnAS, JBoss, and GlassFish.

So the goal of Geronimo isn't to be good, or the best, but
to compete with other offerings in the same space?  I think
perhaps we should poll the entire project on that.

> This is the time to hurry, not the time to stall.

Considering the strain that the 'hurrying' has put on the
project, I think it is most *definitely* time to slow
down and take stock.

> I'll take a breather once we have full clustering support, a lively
> community of plugins, and a solid set of Java EE 5 features.

Don't assume that everyone else wants to go at the same
pace you do, has the same goals you have, or believes that
the end justifies the means.
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