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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1 Status on Voting and Issues
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 02:02:38 GMT
So far we have two +1 votes from PMC members (binding):


Here is the list of committers that have voted (non-binding):


Here is the list of compiled issues and the recommended resolution:

* WAR in an EAR cannot use a database pool by including a dependency
on it (the EAR must declare the dependency)
	 (Document and fix in 1.1.1)

*Manifest Class-Path for WAR in EAR was respected in 1.0, is ignored in 1.1*
	(Document, fix in 1.1.1 (feedback requested))

*Cannot create an EJB reference to an EJB in another module*

*In-place deployment does not work for EJB modules*

*"java.lang.IllegalStateException: Timer already cancelled"*
exception happens when acquiring a connection from a database pool
	(Heap issue, investigate a better error message)

*web access logs are enabled in the jetty distribution but not enabled in the tomcat distribution.*

The change recently made in r412604 to reenable the tomcat access logs should have removed
both of 
the gbean elements that were added in r407646 instead of just the one.
	(Correct in build.  There are three lines of code causing this in the config.xml for Tomcat.
would like to fix this and respin the release.)

*Creating a new activeio listener from the JMS server portlet fails
with NoSuchMethodError because (I think) the version of activeio that
ActiveMQ was compiled against (2.2-SNAPSHOT) differs from the version
in Geronimo (2.0-r118).  There's some discussion of this issue in
	(Fix in 1.1.1)

I'll move tags/1.1.0 to branches/1.1.0 and let it bake there for the remainder of the vote
so we 
don't have to move it around (good thought Blevins).  No one should be committing anything
to that 
branch without discussing it first.  I'll make the updated images available so people can
them.  This updated build will have the Tomcat logging fix as well as updated release notes.

Others, please take some time to kick the tires and everyone votes :)



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