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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Do we need a Plugin Repo at the ASF ?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:58:38 GMT
Could we outline what "features" we have today that we may potentially want to take out and
as a separate plugin as well as those features that we may provide directly as plugins?

I think we should still host the default plugin site at the ASF. By hosting the plugin site
we would 
not only be providing plugins (under ASL) but also a working sample site, it should be well

documented, so users interested in building their own plugin site have a place to start.

I also think it would be easier for developers to donate/contribute new plugins if everything

(Geronimo and plugins) is under the same license.

It would be cool if we could have defined for the next release what features will be available


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I moved the plugin discussion to a separate thread so w can close on 
> this issue.
> I think there are two issues regarding the plugins that have stirred the 
> pot.  The first was concern over lack of communication about the plugins 
> and I think that issue has been adequately covered and there is no need 
> to rehash it here.
> The other is do we need to have plugins hosted at Apache for Geronimo.  
> I think there is a difference in opinion on this issue so perhaps we can 
> settle that here.
> IMHO it would be nice to have and makes perfect sense but at this time 
> I'm only aware of the samples and Directory that would likely be hosted 
> there.  Perhaps DayTrader as well.  So, yes it would be nice.
> However, there needs to be some infrastructure put in place to support 
> it and since we've spent a lot of time saying we should have it let's 
> put up or let this rest.
> I for one am not that interested in setting up the "Apache Geronimo 
> Plugins" section on our website if there are only two or three things to 
> be hosted there.  Given that situation I'm fine to let Aaron host them 
> on his  If there is a need in the future then we 
> can revisit the issue.
> If others feel that it needs to be at Apache *AND* are willing to set it 
> up then this is the time to speak up.  If there are no takers then let's 
> leave them at and let this discussion rest.
> Any volunteers?  If no one signs up in 72 hours I think we can leave 
> this alone.
> Matt

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