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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1.1 Release Goals
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:21:03 GMT
Here is my proposal for defining the exit criteria for this release stream.  I would like to

volunteer to lead the 1.1.1 release.  Please respond if that is acceptable to you.

This is a maintenance release and as such it will be limited to:
*1. Bug fixes.*
There are approximately 50 JIRAs currently identified for 1.1.1.  These are fixing issues
related to 
deployment, runtime, etc.

*2. Usability improvements.*
These will be limited in scope to correcting user interfaces issues, error messages, etc.

*3. Performance improvements.*
Examining performance using DayTrader and improving existing function as well as discussing
limited functional improvements that are missing.  These changes will not break applications

deployed on 1.1.  Applications from 1.1 will be able to move forward without modification.

This is not  time limited release.  We will agree on the JIRA list and will focus on closing
JIRAs that are agreed to for the release.  Once those JIRAs are complete (or we decided to
move one 
or more out of the release for whatever reason) the project will be versioned and released.

As noted earlier, JIRA will be used to manage the release.  I proposed that the JIRA's that
accepted into the 1.1 release are marked to unassigned.  If someone is interested in working
on the 
JIRA they'll simply assign it to themselves.  This way anyone that wants to participate can
identify what areas need more work.

*Next Steps*
Please review the JIRA's that are in 1.1.  If there are fixes that should be included please
them for inclusion.  Once we have a set of work items then we can get 1.1.1 done.

Comments or corrections to the above proposal welcome.


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