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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: rc1 Status and Next Steps
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 19:25:45 GMT
Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> John Sisson wrote:
>>> 6. Third Party Licenses.  This needs to be reviewed and the 
>>> appropriate licenses compiled. Volunteers?  We did not have one in 
>>> the 1.0 stream so I'd like clarification if this is a requirement or 
>>> something that can be deferred.
>> IMO this is a requirement.  Just have a look at some of the licenses 
>> for components we are redistributing.
>> I have collated a list of components attached to a file in 
>> indicating whether 
>> IMHO they require an attribution in the NOTICES.txt file or a license 
>> included in the LICENSE.txt file and where to get the information from.
>> There are some that require further investigation as IMNAL.  Can 
>> people please look at the file attached to GERONIMO-2112 and see if 
>> there are any obvious omissions/errors and comment on the items 
>> requiring further investigation.
>> If someone has time to pick it up from and start assembling the 
>> LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt files, please do, otherwise I'll continue 
>> in the morning (Sydney time).
> John,
> I am also investigating.  I suspect jdom and castor may also need to be 
> added to the list..  Will make an initial pass at the files and attach 
> them to GERONIMO-2112.. Of course IANAL.. :)

Have attached LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt to the JIRA:

I still need some input on openejb and stax-api..  David Blevins and 
James Strachan.. Are there any license terms or notices that need to be 
added  for these projects?


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