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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: rc1 Status and Next Steps
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:02:38 GMT
Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> All,
> Good feedback on the release and each successive build we have less 
> issues.
> Based on the feedback from people I have taken the following actions:
> 1. Updated the builds (both 1.1 and trunk) to include the LICENSE.txt 
> file for the server.
> 2. Modified and tested the Tomcat configuration in both branches/1.1 
> and trunk to enable logging. There was an inconsistency between Jetty 
> and Tomcat WRT to access logging; in Jetty it was enabled and in 
> Tomcat it was not.  I have changed both to be enabled as I am unaware 
> of any testing on Jetty to disable access logging.
> 3. An error in viewing access logs from the console.   This is a bug 
> that needs to be addressed but is mitigated by number 2 above.
> 4. Remaining JIRA Issues
> *Needs to be investigated*  _Paul or Aaron_ can you examine this issue 
> and recommend a fix?
> GERONIMO-2093    Console database pool always gets NPE on deploy
> *I believe these are completed...need review* _Assignees include 
> DJencks, AMMulder, JGenender, Dain_
> GERONIMO-1924    Need to register the tomcat jndi url handler somehow
> GERONIMO-1865    Add ability to restart and reload configurations
> GERONIMO-1874    synthetic ears should allow use of modules outside 
> the g repository
> GERONIMO-1781    FileSystemRepository not able to handle entry with 
> version number which is a single digit
> *Need Status*  _I believe this will be deferred.  Hiram will need to 
> comment_
> GERONIMO-1451    A new TCP listener for ActiveMQ is not persisting 
> across server startups
> 5. We are waiting for the remaining ActiveMQ SNAPSHOT (3.2.4) to be 
> released.  Hiram indicted he would look after this today.
> 6. Third Party Licenses.  This needs to be reviewed and the 
> appropriate licenses compiled. Volunteers?  We did not have one in the 
> 1.0 stream so I'd like clarification if this is a requirement or 
> something that can be deferred.
IMO this is a requirement.  Just have a look at some of the licenses for 
components we are redistributing.

I have collated a list of components attached to a file in indicating whether 
IMHO they require an attribution in the NOTICES.txt file or a license 
included in the LICENSE.txt file and where to get the information from. 

There are some that require further investigation as IMNAL.  Can people 
please look at the file attached to GERONIMO-2112 and see if there are 
any obvious omissions/errors and comment on the items requiring further 

If someone has time to pick it up from and start assembling the 
LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt files, please do, otherwise I'll continue in 
the morning (Sydney time).



> I will be travelling today so I will address these issues tonight and 
> cut a final RC tonight assuming all the above issues are resolved.
> I have moved 49 JIRAs into 1.1.1 that I plan to address and respin a 
> 1.1.1 within 3 weeks.  Schedule to be determined.
> Thanks for everyone's help and feedback.  I believe once we have 
> addressed the above we are good to go for 1.1.  It's been a long road 
> to get here.  Only a few more inches and we're in the end zone.
> Matt

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