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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject [RTC] Initial reorganization of the javamail source tree.
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 15:14:53 GMT
Not sure if this really requires an [RTC] or not, but it doesn't hurt.  
The patch attached to this Jira:

Is the initial checkin for the new javamail providers repository.  The 
bulk of this diff is just the javamail-transport module pulled from the 
1.2-dead branch.  The most significant change is the mail-1.3 module, 
which builds an "uber-jar" containing the javamail-spec jar and the 
javamail-provider jar.

This reorg is being done in stages.  Once this code is in place, the 
following additional steps need to be made:

1)  Remove javamail-transport from the 1.2 build and change the 
javamail-transport dependencies to be the new javamail-provider jar.
2)  Add the javamail 1.4 implementation to the specs tree.
3)  Create javamail-provider-14. and mail-1.4 modules in the javamail 
4)  Create a javamail 1.4 plugin version.


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