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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: 1.1 Blocker - Bad deployment jams repo
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:02:54 GMT
There have been postings to the user@geronimo list in the past about the 
same type of problems with 1.0, so maybe this can wait until 1.1.1 
unless its a very simple fix?


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> I thought maybe we could punt on this, but after using the current
> build just a little bit, it's really nasty.  If a deployment fails,
> you can't deploy that same module again (ever) without manually
> deleting files from the repository:
> I think we need to fix this for 1.1.
> I don't know if the better solution is to try to delete the files from
> the repository when the deployment fails, or to be willing to
> overwrite when a new deployment finds old files already there.  Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks,
>    Aaron

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