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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject [RTC] XBEAN-13 and XBEAN-14
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 12:43:14 GMT is a very minor patch to 
throw a meaninfull exception instead of an NPE at a later time when the 
<classpath><location>xxx</location></classpath>  tags are used in
spring configuration file and the specified location is not found. is a major enhancement of 
xbean-spring to support Spring 2.0-m5.
I have created a branch instead of a patch, because of the need to split 
the existing xbean-spring module into two parts.
The branch is available at and 
the revisions links
are availanble in the JIRA.
In addition I added integration tests to ensure that xbean-spring is 
fully compatible with all spring versions >= 1.2.4,
which was not the case, despite a modification I made for the latest 
xbean release.

Here's my +1 for applying the XBEAN-13 patch and merging the branch to 
trunk for XBEAN-14.

Please vote.

Guillaume Nodet

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