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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Life After 1.1 - starting the new branch for 1.1.1 - some logistics and your input requested.
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 01:12:50 GMT
> Hi Jason,

Hiya :-)

> The problem is that it can take weeks to do a geronimo release since
> stuff like CTS testing is involved.  So the release work (putting the
> finishing touches) needs to be done in a branch so that work can
> continue on the next release.

I would hope that most if not all of the issues should be resolved  
wrt/CTS/TCK before making a release...

But, if this branch exists only for the reason of facilitating this  
time consuming process, and no merging is to be done, then I think it  
will work.

I think that all development should be done on the 1.1 (or trunk) or  
M.m branch, and only release work on any M.m.r branches, and at the  
end of the release that branch is moved to a tag and never modified  
again.  Future modifications will copy from the tag to a branch, and  
the cycle continues.

> Perhaps m2 has a way of dealing with those issues along with
> re-cutting releases and such.  But since I have not done a m2 based
> release yet, I'm not sure what's involved.  Could you clarify it a bit
> for me?

I'm actually still sorting that out.  I'm going to use m2 for GShell  
releases and I want to get a 0.0.1 out soonish to test it all out.   
I've got a little experence with it, and it does make it much easier,  
since for m2 every pom.xml needs to change when a version is changed :-(


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