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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject liferay
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 18:40:25 GMT
Liferay is an open source portal made available under the MIT license.
 They provide a geronimo+liferay distribution from their website,
which is basically a zipped up geronimo/tomcat server with liferay
already deployed. I had some problems starting a fresh install of this
distribution due to hsql database driver issues.  Hopefully new users
who experience this same problem will find the entry I posted in
liferay's support forum about how to get it working:

Liferay currently uses a snapshot of geronimo 1.1 from 5/3/2006 which
has the new versioning functionality but as you can imagine is missing
several important bug fixes and schema changes.  I got their WAR
working in geronimo 1.1 after making some adjustments to its
geronimo-web.xml.  When geronimo 1.1 is officially released I'll offer
my assistance to help them upgrade to it.

I also think and have heard others mention that liferay is a great
candidate for a geronimo plugin. Adding the necessary plugin files to
the liferay WAR is straightforward.  But there are a couple of
interesting challenges where I would like to get your input.   First
is that the plugin prereqs a database pool.  Some expert users will
want to manually create and populate the database and then use the
console to point a db pool at it before installing the liferay plugin.
 But I imagine that some developers and more casual users would like
for geronimo to automatically create a database pool for them as part
of the liferay plugin install process.  That way they could add a
working portal server to their geronimo server with only a few clicks
in the console (remember Joe's mom? ;-)

For this latter class of users geronimo could provide a plugin that
defines a derby datasource and automatically populates the database
when the plugin is installed.  Does this sound like a reasonable idea?
 I thought geronimo might already provide some facility to populate
the database and I found this dev thread from last year where its
proposed but (I assume) not implemented yet :
This idea sounds right on to me.  Are others still in favor of it?  If
so then I would like to work on an implementation. By the way,
liferay currently does not support derby but I have it (mostly)
working via a patch that I'll submit to them later.

The second interesting aspect of creating liferay plugin is that
liferay wants to use '/' for its context root.  The problem is that
the geronimo welcome app is already installed in the '/' context root
and this prevents liferay from starting.  I tried moving it to a
different context root but then hard-coded references to scripts and
images in their html started breaking.     Is there a way to make
geronimo override a context root such that last in wins?  Or could the
plugin metadata specify the required context root so that the console
can warn the user about potential conflicts before installing the
plugin? Any ideas?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,

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