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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 21:38:14 GMT
>> I think that the bulk of what is in 
>> geronimo/  should move to
>> I think that the KB space is really for stuff that does not fit  
>> well  into other spaces (like docNN or geronimo), or stuff that is  
>> FAQ-like.
> That was the original idea behind GMOxSBOX

Sanboxes IMO have an implicit "this is not baked yet" or "this is  
experimental" or "i'm playing around".  The content in the KB however  
is just stuff that does not fit well into other more specific spaces.

>> It looks like the moin content is current a mix of docNN, FAQ and   
>> project information.
>> I also think that we could probably merge GMOxPMGT into the  
>> geronimo  space, but that is just a thought.
> Merging one space into another is way much easier than spliting a  
> space in two. I would keep spaces separated for now and then  
> evaluate the benefit of merging. That goes for merging content  
> directly into the plain geronimo space.

I think the effort is equal.  Both involve editing each page and  
changing the space and/or parent.

Thought... the added overhead of managing the spaces themselves  
starts to become a burden.  Generally I recommend keeping pages into  
a centralized space until the content warrants its own space, or the  
space is needed to avoid name collisions.

>> Did you ever peek at those moin importers?
> I'm looking at migration alternatives right now.
> Can we make an export of the Geronimo "space" in Moin Moin? I don't  
> know how to do it. If I can get a copy of the wiki I'll be doing  
> the migration tools testing on my machine.

I forget, but I think that there is a tool to pull full page dumps of  
the wiki content.  Or if you know where the files live, you can copy  
them from the text dir.

I'd start with the moinmoin.rb importer that is here:

And see what it imports into a personal Confluence install (w/ RPC  

That will probably get the content close, then if needed we can hack  
the .rb to clean it up more, and then add any finishing touches by hand.


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