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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [RTC] - Fix top pom to reference right plugin
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:24:27 GMT
> I'm not sure I agree that this is easiest or best.  I think I would be
> interested in getting others' input on this as well.

I believe that while we move to m2 that simpler is better and thus  
easier to complete the migration.

So, one version is simperer than many versions.  If all modules in  
the same tree have the same version, then ${pom.version} can be used  
to resolve the correct version of dependencies.  w/o that you are  
forced to setup top-level properties for versions and manage those  
versions... which is more work, more configuration and more error prone.

My recommendation is that all modules in a build tree use the same  
version.  If they should logically have different versions, then they  
belong in a different build tree.  And there are cases that look like  
this now... no question, but lets fix this after the conversion is  
completed and functional.

> One of the problems we have now is the chicken/egg issue with the  
> plugin being in
> the build itself.  I think this would be alleviated by moving the  
> plugin
> to its own project and push it out as a reliable dependency for the
> geronimo project.  I have tried the internal plugin thing on a few
> projects, and it always ended up making life easier having the  
> plugin as
> its own project.

There are a few ways to resolve this, which I have listed before in  
previous emails.  Looks like short-term to get the conversion  
finished that we may need to introduce a bootstrap.  Longer-term we  
will want to reorganize the modules that are needed by the plugins  
and then put them, in a separate tree and then put the plugins in  
their own tree.  Or... remove the need for those plugins to need  
access to the G codebase.  There are quite a few different ways to  
fix this problem.  But none of the long term fixes are likely to  
happen now as we implement the migration.


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