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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject M2 Issues and Actions
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 13:44:51 GMT
Hi All,
   The M2 build work is continuing. Dain just updated the openejb
trunk. Now we will be using openEJB 2.2
The assembly plugin is under construction. Here are the issues facing
us. I am also reproducing the suggested remedies for some of these.    
1. xmlbeans-maven-plugin and xbean pom -
  The issue is described here
   David Jencks has submitted the patches and has been working with the
xmlbeans team. See 

2. Spec Jars - 
   The geronimo spec jars need to be published along with the poms.
This was supposed to happen soon after the 1.1 release.

3. openejb - The openejb build should use geronimo jars that come from
o.a.g groupId. Hence it is necessary to build openejb. Until now v_2.1
was used, now we are switching to 2.2. We should publish snapshots of
these jars too. This will obviate the need for building openejb.

4.   Maven does not allow building a plugin and a module if the module
uses the plugin in the same build. As a result the first time build is
a 3 step process.  Jason suggested "IMO we should have a completely
separate tree for our build support tools.  And once the plugins are
stable we release them, until they are stable we make regular snaps, so
that the main tree(s) can just build w/o having to worry about building
plugins first." 
    We should start publishing SNAPSHOTs ASAP to solve this problem,
This is very user friendly. Once we have assembled our first full
server, we can start thinking of reorganizing the source tree.  
5. checking out openejb - In M1 we could define goals like m:co, it is
not possible to do this in M2. There is no way to specify executions in
the top level pom that are not inherited by the children. And we must
resort to checking out each module and building it! Currently we ask
the user to use svn command to checkout openejb. The other solution is
have the 'support tool tree' which will provide commands for checking
out openejb. If the latest openejb snapshots are always available, we
can eliminate openejb from our build.
     We will be documenting any new issues here
    thanks for your patience!


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