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Subject Issues Closed: week of 06-16-2006
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:00:04 GMT
Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (25 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** New Feature

 * [GERONIMO-1754]  Add GBeans for configuring NNTPTransport and NNTPStore access

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-1924]  Need to register the tomcat jndi url handler somehow
 * [GERONIMO-2093]  Console database pool always gets NPE on deploy
 * [GERONIMO-2119]  new javamail components need scm tags in pom.xml files.
 * [GERONIMO-2115]  Exclude j2ee-installer assembly from 1.1 build by renaming project.xml
file to project.xml.ignore
 * [GERONIMO-2108]  web app deployment fails with strange error if geronimo-web.xml defines
a message-destination
 * [GERONIMO-2040]  MagicGBall application not working in AG 1.1
 * [GERONIMO-2081]  Concurrency problems in Daytrader or AMQ
 * [GERONIMO-2031] has been moved (temporarily?) to
 * [GERONIMO-1938]  Plugins portlet 'help' link throws PortletException
 * [GERONIMO-1919]  AG 1.1-SNAPSHOT has a memory leak when running DayTrader in Direct Mode
 * [GERONIMO-1832]  Non-public Sun classes dependencies in tests
 * [GERONIMO-1616]  CSS GSSUP token encoding sets username to username@domain but decoding
does not reverse that

** Task

 * [GERONIMO-2122]  Request to add book to website
 * [GERONIMO-2112]  Place required attrtibutions in the NOTICES.txt file or a license included
in the LICENSE.txt file
 * [GERONIMO-2107]  Begin reorganization of the javamail source tree.
 * [GERONIMO-2094]  All geronimo jars and distributions should include at least the required

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