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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [Vote: RTC] needed for eclipse plugin
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 04:13:00 GMT

On Jun 2, 2006, at 8:42 PM, John Sisson wrote:

> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> It seems that there are now +1's from 3 committers for this  
>> change. Although I also support the change (once copyrights are  
>> corected), I cannot offer a +1. Apologies for being a pedant, but  
>> to my knowledge the current RTC "rules" we are living under are:
>>   'I have applied this patch and tested it and found it good'
>> I'm pretty sure that there's only one person who has done this and  
>> his name is Sachin. Although it's likely that I could apply the  
>> patch and build devtools, I wouldn't know how to integrate and  
>> test the change.
>> I think many of us feel that the requirement to apply and test a  
>> patch is too restrictive and cumbersome -- especially in smaller  
>> subprojects such as devtools and daytrader. Rather than ignoring  
>> this directive, let's get the process changed or at least start a  
>> discussion... I'll start a thread.
> I will retract my +1, I mistakenly thought that the testing  
> requirement was relaxed, but after reviewing the mailing lists I  
> didn't see a response to Greg's comments on this topic:
> Agree that we need to discuss getting the process relaxed  
> officially with Ken's approval.

Looks like I have to retract my +1 also.  I merely spent an hour or  
so carefully studying sachin's patch, but did not apply it or test  
it.  Based on my careful review I think that the patch should be  

I support changing the process to require careful review rather than  
applying and testing.

david jencks

> John
>> --kevan
>> On Jun 1, 2006, at 9:42 AM, Sachin Patel wrote:
>>> The following big change is part 1 of 2 to correctly handle  
>>> loading of the deployment plan editors.  To briefly summarize,  
>>> the change introduces a new extension point which requires an  
>>> implementation of IGeronimoFormContentLoader.  Previously the  
>>> editor extension point loaded the editor for 1.0 plans.  Now the  
>>> editor must handle multiple versions of the deployment plans so  
>>> now there is a single editor extension def which loads a single  
>>> editor impl, SharedDeploymentEditor which loads all the  
>>> IGeronimoFormContent loaders (one impl for 1.0 and another for  
>>> 1.1) and delegates to the appropriate emf models to generate the  
>>> UI for the plans.  With this commit, the 1.0 plans load correctly  
>>> and there is some work still need to be done for 1.1 to be done.   
>>> There is currently some duplicate code which will need to be  
>>> refactored, part 2 will address this, but since the patch is  
>>> about 3000 lines I wanted to go ahead and commit.
>>> Please vote...
>>> Thanks.
>>> <patch2.txt>
>>> -sachin

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