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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release branching process (was Re: Life After 1.1 - starting the new branch for 1.1.1 - some logistics and your input requested.)
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 17:53:22 GMT
On Jun 22, 2006, at 3:17 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> The remaining question is what to do with the branches that are out  
> there.  I think we should whack what's out there (does not appear  
> that there has been any activity) branches/1.1 and branches/1.1.1.   
> When the vote is complete later today and we release 1.1 I'll move  
> branches/1.1.0 to tags/1.1.0 and then make the copy to branches/1.1  
> and update the versions to 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT as well as the plugin  
> releases.

I whacked branches/1.1.1 -- that was my mess.  We're good on branches/ 
1.1, it was created from 1.1.0.  There was an update to the 1.1.0  
NOTICE.txt file which is the only thing we have to port back.
> Then I think we're open for G-Business.


/me is getting a very Tony the Tiger vibe


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