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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Creating a separate mailing list for XBean?
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 11:16:03 GMT
On 5/25/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
> I XBean large enough to become a standalone project given that it has broader applicability
> of Geronimo?

I'd say so yes. Its got quite a few active committers, a reasonably
sized codebase with quite a few different modules. Sure XBean looks
tiny compared to Geronimo - but then so does most of the other
projects at Apache :).

In terms of codebase size and complexity XBean is in the same kinds of
ballparks as Ant, Lucene, iBatis, HiveMind, BSF, Velocity etc  (I just
randomly picked a bunch of apache projects which I was vaguely aware
of the codebase). So I don't see why it can't be its own sub-project
(whatever that means) standing firmly on its own 2 feet.

> From what I know now other projects to Geronimo that use XBean are ActiveMQ, OpenEJB
> and XFire.

And ServiceMix and Jetty too.

>  As you indicated below Geronimo would then be one more consumer on the previous list.
> I'm not sure of the pros and cons but since Geronimo has itself, DayTrader, Dev Tools
and now XBean
> that are all versioned separately is there a logical division that makes sense?

I'm less sure of DayTrader and Dev Tools which seem more tightly
intertwined with J2EE; unless you're thinking of parts of those which
are usable outside of J2EE?

> The reason I started down this line of thinking was that given the issues at Codehaus
I was
> considering if we should bring TranQL over as well.  I was talking with Gianny and it
makes sense at
> least for the connectors and Vendor RAR piece but it too is not really large enough to
stand on its own.

Am not sure about that; it might make sense to move that stuff over.
Lets have a separate thread for that :)

> Apart from adding more confusion to your e-mail below not sure I answered your question




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