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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re-migration to m2 - status and discussion.
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 14:45:32 GMT
Now that we have a new 1.2 trunk, we can go ahead migrating the build
to m2 (again).

A recap:
1. The build in the old trunk was migrated to m2. It can be found here

2. The old migration JIRA was under the JIRA G-851.

3. The migration status can be found here
 - All the modules (with their tests) were successfully migrated.
 - All the applications (with their tests) were successfully migrated.
 - I believe some of the configs were migrated (Anita ?).
 - The deployment and packaging plugins were migrated.

So now, we should starting porting those changes back again into the new trunk.

Jacek, should we open a new JIRA on the lines on 851 or should we
continue to work with 851 ?

Most of the patches with 851 can be re-applied as is but should be
only after a careful screening. So continuing the same JIRA seems

OTH, we  may want to start afresh with a clean slate and not add to
the clutter of the old JIRA. In this case, we will have to reattach
the latest patches from the old JIRA to the new JIRA.

I am okay either which way.


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