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Subject Re: Multiple Server Configurations
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 13:37:57 GMT
I've added a new skeleton document, Geronimo v1.1 - Multiple Server
 to the Confluence Wiki if someone more knowledgable (*cough* Hernan
*cough*) wants to flesh out the content.


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David Jencks just backported a feature that lets you create multiple
server configurations inside a single Geronimo installation.  This
affects the contents of the var/ directory, if I understand it right.
So essentially, you could create a structure like this:

geronimo/var/...   (default configuration)
geronimo/server1/var/...   ("server1" configuration)
geronimo/another/var/...   ("another" configuration)

In other words, you can create subdirectories with their own copies of
var/* and then tell Geronimo during startup to read from foo/var/*
instead of var/* using a command-line parameter.

I'd like to propose one change to this, and that is, that we eliminate
the "var" directory and set it up one of these two ways -- the
difference being whether the default server configuration is named
something like "default" or named "var":

Option 1: default configuration named "var":
geronimo/var/...   (default configuration)
geronimo/server1/...   ("server1" configuration)
geronimo/another/...   ("another" configuration)

Option 2: default configuration named e.g. "default":
geronimo/default/...   (default configuration)
geronimo/server1/...   ("server1" configuration)
geronimo/another/...   ("another" configuration)

It seems somewhat more usable to me if, for example, the log directory
is immediately underneath the server configuration directory.  For
anyone who's not real UNIX-oriented, I think it will be much nicer to
look in the configuration directory and see config/ log/ security/ etc
instead of just seeing "var".

Any thoughts on this?


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