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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: 1.2 Release - Whats in it and when?
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 00:49:05 GMT
So, following your lead this is what I'm currently thinking of  
working on, not necessarily in order:

- global jndi.  I hope that this will involve advising Krishnakumar  
rather than implementing it myself.

- pluggable jacc.  This is sort of half done.  The remaining part is  
making security get installed based on something other than our  
geronimo-specific security elements in the geronimo plans, so other  
guys can have a chance.  After that we can look at plugging in other  
jacc implementations.  I think there's a tivoli implementation, and I  
think we can turn Apache Directory and the jetspeed 2 permission  
manager into 2 more.  At least one of these is likely to provide  
something like direct principal-role mapping that has IIRC sometimes  
been requested.

- I'd like to turn the jetspeed 2 integration I worked on several  
months ago into a geronimo plugin.  We'll see if more pressing things  
come up, but I'd really like to get this in.  It might help with the  
idea of installing console bits with plugins also.

- help with maven 2 plugins if necessary.... I suspect Anita and the  
others working on this may need no help however :-)

-- I'm the proud owner :-) of some of the oldest open jiras,  
especially around the J2CA stuff.  I'd like to finally get tests  
going for these and close them out.  There's some refactoring  
involved in some of these also.  I plan to take care of a reasonable  
number of the other open jiras too :-)

-- help out with the jetty 6 integration if needed.

-- help out with wadi integration if needed.

I'm sure plenty more things will turn up but this is  what I'm  
thinking of at the moment.  I'm really looking forward to the stuff  
matt and alan are talking about also.

On May 23, 2006, at 1:44 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> 1.1 is almost complete and its time to start thinking about 1.2.   
> Aaron summarized the discussion at Java One in his note.  I believe  
> Aaron even volunteered to be the release manager for 1.2 :)
> Here's my 2c to get this off the ground.
> I am planning on working in performance improvements around  
> SPECjAppServer which will include improvements to OpenEJB as well  
> as TranQL.
> Also, I am interested in improving our inherent monitoring  
> capability which currently is ghastly. This includes additional  
> counters and metrics.  A GUI representation in the Console as well  
> as perhaps collaborating with Alan on ARM instrumenting the server  
> if he'll let me :)
> I would prefer to not make this overly painful and ship something  
> in short order.  Per Aaron's notes and I concur with this idea we  
> should work on 12 week release cycles.  8 weeks for development and  
> 4 for release / bug fixes, etc.  On this track we should cut a dev  
> branch from head at the end of July and ship at the end of August.
Good idea.  Lets see if we can succeed in actually doing this :-)

> I would also like to focus on cleaning up the JIRAs (some that are  
> two-years old are too old).

> Upgrading our dependencies (there are newer versions of AMQ,  
> Logging, and a whole host of other packages).
> It would be nice if there was some XBean activity but that's more  
> Dain's area.  (It would be really nice to include dynamic dll  
> support in XBean like OSGi; hint hint)
> Also, it would be nice as a project that if something cool isn't   
> ready for our branch then it goes in the next release.  There  
> always will be a next release.
I'll try to adhere to this (he says while stuffing as many backported  
features from trunk into 1.1 as possible :-)

> Let the flood gates go.
> Matt

david jencks

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