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From "Udovichenko, Nellya" <>
Subject New HOWL version in Geronimo
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 10:14:53 GMT


Now version of HOWL in Geronimo is 0.1.11. What do you think about its
replacing with new one 1.0.0?


Some problems are fixed in new HOWL version. One of them is of
importance for correct Geronimo startup: 


class org.objectweb.howl.log.BlockLogBuffer from howl-logger-0.1.11.jar

org.objectweb.howl.log.InvalidLogBufferException over check-up of log
files availability

using HOWL classes when we start Geronimo by command: java -jar

Because it checks files' validity if they exist. One of verified
parameters is the file content control sum. 

One value of this parameter is read from file header and another is
calculated by function java.nio.ByteBuffer.hashCode().  


If Geronimo is launched on one JDK at first and then - on another, class
BlockLogBuffer can throw 

exception because algorithms of function hashCode() can be different and
values of the checksum don't 

equal accordingly. 


This is bug in HOWL classes


In new HOWL version 1.0.0 it is fixed by introduction of new boolean
parameter. When the parameter 

equals 'false', control sum is calculated using hashCode() function.
Otherwise the calculation is performed

using ADLER-32 algorithm. If the jar with new HOWL version is added to
maven repository and Geronimo 

sources are patched by using new parameter the exception won't appear. 


This is not a critical bug; however, I think it is better to use HOWL
1.0.0 for correct Geronimo

launching on various JDK. 


Any ideas? 


Thanks, Nellya Udovichenko,

Intel Middleware Products Division


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