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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Support for different modules types in EAR
Date Sun, 28 May 2006 17:05:27 GMT
Any objections to supporting different module types (such as Geronimo
service JARs or future Spring or ServiceMix JARs) within an EAR?  For
example, this would let you create an EAR with a normal EJB JAR, a
normal web app WAR, and a Geronimo service JAR containing GBeans used
by the EJBs or web app (or that just run when the app runs).

To do this, I figure we'd just let you specify additional modules in
the geronimo-application.xml, even if you're not going to provide a
plan for them.  So it would be something like this:





Where a plan like this indicates that there are no overrides for the
EJB or Web app, but we're adding another module, bar.jar, with
unspecified type.  That should be OK since during deployment we ask
all the config builders whether they can handle the specified module,
so we'll figure out whether we can handle it, and if so, what type of
module it is (based on what deployment descriptors / plans it


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