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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Notes from JavaOne
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 21:01:22 GMT

A great time was had at JavaOne, including a variety of
Geronimo-related meetings, hacking time in the W and Moscone, a BOF, a
party, etc.  Here are some thoughts I put together based on the bits I
was involved with, which I think we'd all like to run by everyone who
couldn't be there.

Also, here are the slides from the Geronimo BOF, that talk a bit about
the various releases:


Ebay announced in a BOF that they are deploying their site on
WebSphere CE (Geronimo)!!!  Yeah, let's talk about acalability... :)

Vendor Support
 - Many vendors are supporting Geronimo, including:
   - 24x7 support
   - services
   - building applications on Geronimo
   - building/supporting software stacks including Geronimo

1.1/1.2 Merge
 - Major things changed in 1.2: OpenEJB refactoring, JavaMail
providers, initial Maven 2 build script, ActiveMQ 3->4, dynamic EJB
 - Still, not that much compared to 1.1
 - We plan for the process to be
   1) move 1.2 to branches/1.2-pre
   2) copy 1.1 to trunk
   3) maintain 1.1 in current 1.1 branch
   4) merge changes from branches/1.2-pre to trunk
   5) eventually whack branches/1.2-pre perhaps

Release Schedule
 - 1.0 took too long to arrive (since founding) and 1.1 took too long
to arrive (since 1.0)
 - We need to avoid TCK breakage and do a better job of incremental change
 - Some people advocate time-based releases (2/3/4 months)
 - Some people would like to see XBean releases more often, outside
the Geronimo release schedule
 - Vendors don't like the uncertainty about release dates; most are
still targeting 1.0 because it's here and there's no guarantee when
1.1 will actually arrive
 - Overall, there seems to be interest in targeting a 3-month release
schedule for 1.2 (2 months active development and 1 month
 - Proposal to target 4 features releases per year with incremental
features available via plugins

Jira Process
 - lots of open Jiras
 - estimate we have closed 250 for 1.1, and have 500 currently open
 - may need to clean up some old/stale issues
 - Jira never reflects how close we are to a release
 - Many Jiras go unnoticed
 - There's not a good way to have a personal work/priority list
separate from the project release/priority list
 - Might be good to have 3 Jira "releases": current release, next
release, everything else
 - Might be helpful to have someone take responsibility for evaluating
all incoming Jiras for a period of time (1-4 weeks?) and rotate that
 - Maybe could add custom fiuelds to help us manage it

Java SE 5
 - We can develop on Java 5 and support 1.4.2 via Retrotranslator
 - It supports most of Java 5, with some caveats regarding
Serialization and new classes added outside of Collections (some
SSL-related stuff, etc.)
 - Running on 1.4 with Retrotranslator causes a startup penalty of
~20% (but shouldn't have much effect after startup, when all the
classes are loaded)
 - Running on 1.5 speeds startup by 20% and should have benefits after
startup too
 - Dain will try a more extensive test and make sure everything works for us
 - Yoko is making good progress.  Some holes (e.g. SSL) but we can
probably start integrating and may have this for 1.2 (Rick will work
on this)

Java EE 5
 - OpenJPA code is only partially available; more expected soon
 - Should be able to implement a JPA factory that lets us give access
to installed JPA implementations
 - Should be able to get web features from Jetty 6
 - Should be able to get JAX-WS from XFire/Celtix
 - Don't have an immediate plan for EJB3 (outside of JPA), though
Spring reportedly has working code we could leverage
 - Should be easy to get initial EE 5 features in 1.2, may not have
full support, but this is enough for people to play with

Candidate Features for Future Releases
 - Console portlets can be added at runtime
 - OpenEJB 2.x revisions
 - Initial XBean-style features
  - Don't require GBeanInfo for GBeans
  - Integrate XBean reflect to support factory beans, nested complex
objects, etc.
  - Designate startup methods instead of requiring interface
 - Full XBean Integration
 - Monitoring / Statistics
 - DConfigBeans
 - Improved JMX+SNMP
 - Pluggable JACC (Acegi, LDAP, etc.)
 - Start Levels
 - ActiveIO
 - IBM AIO???
 - Workflow via BeanFlow
 - Global JNDI
 - XDoclet
 - Startup Wrapper
 - Upgrade on the fly
 - Security Rewrite
 - 1-click to disable unused services
 - Separate App/Server ClassLoaders
 - Spring Deployment
 - Improve Hot Deployment
 - Integrate (plugins, etc.)
   - XFire
   - OpenJPA
   - OpenEJB 3
   - Jetty 6
   - Yoko
   - LiveTribe
   - JetSpeed
 - Clustering
 - DAG ClassLoader
 - Maven 2
 - Parallel Startup
 - Windows/UNIX Service
 - Performance
 - No Proxies
 - Console manage multiple servers
 - Provisioning via agents
 - Lingo
 - Map apps to ports
 - Eliminate XML namespaces
 - Telnet / GShell
 - GShell
 - Purpose-built XMLs
 - JPA factory support (app-managed, not CMP)

Possible theme for 1.2: Community Requests
 - Java 5 support
 - Java EE 5 support (initial)
 - Global JNDI tree
 - Separate app & server class loaders
 - More documentation

People's personal plans for 1.2
 - Everyone: Check outstanding 1.2 patches, docs
 - Dain: New OpenEJB 3, **3 XBean Pre-Features (incl No Proxy), Java 5 /
 - Rick: Yoko, JavaMail
 - Jason Dillon: Maven 2, GShell, Windows Scripts
 - David B: JPA Plugin, help with XFire
 - Kevan: App/Server Classloader, DAG ClassLoader
 - Aaron: **Console Dynamic Portlets,  DConfigBeans, 1-click disable
          services, Spring Deployments
 - David J: **Global JNDI, **Pluggable JACC, Maybe JetSpeed Plugin, Maven 2
            Plugins, Jetty 6
 - Matt: **Monitoring & Statistics, Performance (SpecJAppServer),
         AIO donation
 - Erin: Console plugins, JIRAs, Hot Deploy
 - Jan: Jetty 6
 - Dan: XFire
 - Hiram: ActiveIO
 - Would like someone for: Clustering, XDoclet, IntelliJ
  - Jeff has some working clustering code, hopefully will show up (at
least in the sandbox?) ASAP
 - Unclaimed:
   - Full JPA
   - Parallel Startup
   - Console Multiple Servers
   - Provisioning / Agents
   - Lingo
   - Map apps to ports
   - OpenEJB 3
   - Eliminate XML NS
   - Purpose-built XMLs
   - Full XBean Merge
   - Improved JMX+SNMP
   - Start Levels
   - Workflow / BeanFlow
   - Bootstrap startup & Upgrade on the fly
   - Security Rewrite
   - GShell

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