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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: 1.1 JIRA's Reminaing, Release Contents and the Gipper Speech
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 14:49:17 GMT
Please let's not make a release until Apache SVN comes back.  There
are a lot of patches that should go in.  Maybe Saturday,
infrastructure permitting?


On 5/11/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
> There are currently 136 JIRAs open against 1.1 as the target fix release.  I would like
to start
> managing these down to zero as we march towards release.  Here is a best guess to get
1.1 out.
> Target release date: May 26th (1 month past the original date)
> To make this date we have two weeks left to complete the remaining JIRAs.  Here is how
they break down:
> 14 Blockers
> 52 Criticals
> 42 Majors
> 24 Minors
>   4 Trivial
> I think we should focus on the Blockers first and then the Critical ones.  Aaron, most
of the JIRAs
> in these categories are assigned to you.  I've had a few people ask me what they can
do to help so
> I'd like to start pointing them at JIRA's.  Could you go through the ones assigned to
you and
> unassign the ones you don't think you'll have time for so we can get them to some other
folks?  I'm
> not sure which ones you already have in progress.
> Between the Blockers and the criticals we have more JIRA's than we'll likely be able
to address so
> we'll have to draw the line next week.
> As far as contents of the Release I see it shaking out like this:
> 4 releases as we had last time (Tomcat and Jetty on Windows and Unix).  I'd also like
to include
> Little-G as well.  However, that will also include 4 releases which seems like a lot.
 It makes
> sense for this release but one of the "Roadmap" items would be to figure out how we will
> the custom servers so we have a single download that can generate the desired server
so we don't
> bloat the number of images for download.
> There will not be an installer for several reasons so this will have to be a 1.2 item.
> interested in picking up where Erik left off?
> I'd like to get a new unstable release out today or tomorrow before Java One (probably
> We'll have one more unstable release late next week or early the week after and then
get G out by
> the 26th.
> Thanks to Kevan, Jencks, Dain and Blevins for and everyone else that struggled testing.
 Its been
> hard but I think we're in good shape.
> Let's get G 1.1 out the door so we can focus on new feature / function for a while.
> Thanks all...we're almost there.

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