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From ahmed <>
Subject When i start greonimo1.1 server , i see some warning messages like setErrorHandler
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 04:17:25 GMT
Hi Everybody ,

             I have downloaded Geronimo1.1 source recently and was able to
build successfully .

            But when i start the server i get below warning message saying ,
setErrorHandler( ) , i have pasted the warning messages also.

            Can somebody help me , what is wrong ,

            Thanks in advance !!!

Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.4.2_09)...
Warning: validation was turned on but an org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler was not
set, which is probably not what is desired.  Parser will use a default
ErrorHandler to print the first 10 errors.  Please call
the 'setErrorHandler' method to fix this.
Error: URI=null Line=65: cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element
ce' is not complete. One of '{""
:pattern}' is expected.
Starting Geronimo Application Server v1.1-SNAPSHOT
[********************] 100%  35s Startup complete
  Listening on Ports:
    1099 RMI Naming
    1527 Derby Connector
    4242 Remote Login Listener
    8009 Tomcat Connector AJP
    8080 Tomcat Connector HTTP
    8443 Tomcat Connector HTTPS
    9999 JMX Remoting Connector
   61616 ActiveMQ Message Broker Connector

  Started Application Modules:
    EAR: geronimo/webconsole-tomcat/1.1-SNAPSHOT/car
    RAR: geronimo/activemq/1.1-SNAPSHOT/car
    RAR: geronimo/system-database/1.1-SNAPSHOT/car
    WAR: geronimo/remote-deploy-tomcat/1.1-SNAPSHOT/car
    WAR: geronimo/welcome-tomcat/1.1-SNAPSHOT/car

  Web Applications:

Geronimo Application Server started

With Thanks and Regards,

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