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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: and Geronimo web site update
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 02:47:53 GMT

This is awesome as I for one love to download everything I can get my paws on about a project

seemingly before I get on a plane so it looks like the project is finally coming of age in
this way. 
  I know you have been cranking out the lion's share of doc here but that there are many folks
also have been contributing.   Hat's off to all and thank you.

It might be nice to add a link on this page to the library link and describe that there are
and articles from across the globe that can be access here.  I for one probably wouldn't immediately

go looking for a separate page.  Having something to clearly guide users would be really helpful.

Using my own incompetence as a measure :)



Hernan Cunico wrote:
> Hi All,
> the new cofluence wiki is ready to go live! I have 
> reorganized the documentation, migrated it and updated the new 
> confluence installation, the new structure looks like this:
> Apache Geronimo v1.0
>        Apache Geronimo v1.0 - User's Guide
>        Apache Geronimo v1.0 - Developer's Guide
> Apache Geronimo v1.1
>        Apache Geronimo v1.1 - User's Guide
> Apache Geronimo Project Management
>        Apache Geronimo Development Process
>        Apache Geronimo Development Status
> Apache Geronimo SandBox
> You can see it LIVE accessing
> The documents that are still up-to-date from 
> should be moved over the new confluence wiki, some of those docs should 
> actually go directly into the web site itself. I will work on these 
> changes unless somebody else volunteers :D
> Part of this update includes reorganizing the web site, the old Libray 
> and Documentation thing. The Documentation link will contain the new 
> structure just decribed ( and 
> the Library link will contain all the available printed and online 
> books, cookbooks, articles, interviews, etc.
> So, whoever is working on a Geronimo book, articles, etc. and the info 
> is not listed on the web site, pls send the details over so we can 
> update the site.
> You will have to re-register in the new confluence in order to continue 
> contributing with Geronimo's documentation.
> Enjoy!
> Cheers!
> Hernan

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