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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: and Geronimo web site update
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 19:08:33 GMT
I'm working on it


Erin Mulder wrote:
> This looks excellent, Hernan!   Great job!
> How can I get an account to help contribute?   If I go to the standard
> Confluence signup URL:
> then I get a message about how:
>     This installation of Confluence is not set up to
>     permit public signup. Please contact the site
>     administrators for more information.
> Cheers,
> Erin
> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>the new cofluence wiki is ready to go live! I have
>>reorganized the documentation, migrated it and updated the new
>>confluence installation, the new structure looks like this:
>>Apache Geronimo v1.0
>>       Apache Geronimo v1.0 - User's Guide
>>       Apache Geronimo v1.0 - Developer's Guide
>>Apache Geronimo v1.1
>>       Apache Geronimo v1.1 - User's Guide
>>Apache Geronimo Project Management
>>       Apache Geronimo Development Process
>>       Apache Geronimo Development Status
>>Apache Geronimo SandBox
>>You can see it LIVE accessing
>>The documents that are still up-to-date from
>>should be moved over the new confluence wiki, some of those docs should
>>actually go directly into the web site itself. I will work on these
>>changes unless somebody else volunteers :D
>>Part of this update includes reorganizing the web site, the old Libray
>>and Documentation thing. The Documentation link will contain the new
>>structure just decribed ( and
>>the Library link will contain all the available printed and online
>>books, cookbooks, articles, interviews, etc.
>>So, whoever is working on a Geronimo book, articles, etc. and the info
>>is not listed on the web site, pls send the details over so we can
>>update the site.
>>You will have to re-register in the new confluence in order to continue
>>contributing with Geronimo's documentation.

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