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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Creating a separate mailing list for XBean?
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 11:06:34 GMT
I XBean large enough to become a standalone project given that it has broader applicability
of Geronimo?  From what I know now other projects to Geronimo that use XBean are ActiveMQ,
and XFire.  As you indicated below Geronimo would then be one more consumer on the previous

I'm not sure of the pros and cons but since Geronimo has itself, DayTrader, Dev Tools and
now XBean 
that are all versioned separately is there a logical division that makes sense?

The reason I started down this line of thinking was that given the issues at Codehaus I was

considering if we should bring TranQL over as well.  I was talking with Gianny and it makes
sense at 
least for the connectors and Vendor RAR piece but it too is not really large enough to stand
on its own.

Apart from adding more confusion to your e-mail below not sure I answered your question :)


James Strachan wrote:
> XBean is a generic POJO based container/server/kernel which has
> nothing directly to do with J2EE per se - though it should be a vital
> component in the implementation of future Geronimo 2.x releases IMHO.
> Consequently XBean has many use cases for folks not using J2EE such as
> for Spring & JBI folks or folks using Tomcat and ActiveMQ together.
> Also maybe other non-J2EE projects like Tuscany might find it useful
> too.
> Currently XBean has its own source trunk and release cycle separate
> from Geronimo...
> and its got its own website
> So I was wondering; maybe we should create mailing lists for XBean and
> then it becomes effectively a new subproject with its own identity.
> Given the slow release cycles of Geronimo, XBean could end up being
> the cool & trendy young sister project, releasing often which could
> innovate and help gain traction faster which, given that stuff that
> works in XBean will ultimately work great in Geronimo too is a win-win
> alround.
> Thoughts?

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