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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Servlet spec 2.5 sandbox status report
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 14:41:54 GMT
After a couple of brief but very useful conversations
with other Geronimo committers at JavaOne, I thought
I'd post a progress report on the servlet spec 2.5

As I posted back in on 9th April, I've
made a sandbox for upgrading Geronimo to the
2.5 servlet spec, and at the same time upgrading
to jetty6 (which is 2.5). This sandbox is based
on a snapshot of trunk at that time. Now that
trunk is not going forward, the code from the
1.1 branch needs to be merged into the sandbox
(see the todo list at the bottom of this post).

I ran into some problems early on with conflicting
namespaces in the various schemas that are part
of the j2ee5 spec. You can read about that here:

I resolved that problem by generating the xmlbeans
into two different package names and fixed the
various modules with dependencies on those
beans to use the approprate package.

I've also modified the geronimo-jetty integration code
for jetty6 API differences, and also tidied up some of the
code that is no longer needed - there is no doubt more
to do in this area (see the todos), but the first thing 
is to have an initial stable basis to work from.

I was hoping to use maven2 for the building process,
but quickly realized that at the point in time I
took the sandbox snapshot, not nearly enough of
geronimo was being built with maven2 to make this
feasible. Jetty now publishes its jars into the
maven1 repo too, so this problem should be eliminated

I had hoped to have at least the sandbox compiling
with no errors by the end of JavaOne, but due to
codehaus outages that didn't happen.

As for compilation, that might be problematic,
as jsp2.1 (which is part of servlet 2.5) mandates
the use of jdk1.5, and after chatting to D. Jenks
I believe that several modules in geronimo won't
compile with jdk1.5. To at least get a clean
compile, I intend to drop back to jsp2.0 for the
time being so I can use jdk1.4 to compile.

Once the compilation errors are dealt with, then
we can:

+ pull in the code from the "new" head based on
  the 1.1 branch

+ re-introduce jsp2.1 and try building with jdk1.5

+ use the retrotranslator for jsp2.1, iff it works 
  with SSL etc

+ look at tailoring the geronimo-jetty interfaces 
  a little more


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