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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Release Information for BOF at JavaOne
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 21:05:11 GMT

My regrets for not being able to attend the Geronimo BOF at JavaOne.  I've asked Jeff Genender
talk about the upcoming 1.1 release as well as some 1.2 items based on notes I've seen on
the list. 
  Please take a look at these items and send additional comments to Jeff.

Here ya go Jeff....

Our target is to complete bug fixes and some other performance and functional testing early
week.  My personal target is May 26th but it may be May 31st :(

We have added the following features:

Improved module design by improving module version tolerance.  This means that user plans
will be 
less likely to be impacted by Geronimo Version changes.

Added a statement cache to improve database performance to the TranQL connector package.

Added plugin support to facilitate downloading and installation of components for Geronimo.

Currently some samples have been converted as well as the Apache Directory component.

Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Better SQL Generation for CMP entity beans.

New distributions of Geronimo that we call Little-G.  Little-G is approximately a 16MB download
is packaged with Tomcat or Jetty, a transaction manager and some small number of components
for a 
minimal image.

Geronimo is certified as J2EE compliant for 1.4 running on JDK 1.4.2.  Geronimo will run on
JDK 1.5 
but is not fully J2EE compliant in this mode of operation as CORBA will not function correctly.

Goals for the next release:

* Improved instrumentation for monitoring Geronimo
* Pluggable JAAC
* Internal changes to enable simplified modularity of the server for customized deployments.
* Continued improvements for developing with Geronimo in Eclipse with the Web Tools Project
* Expanded Documentation covering development, deployment as well as monitoring and tuning.
* New persistence options for CMP performance.
* An optional GUI Installer to allow for a guided installation of Geronimo.

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