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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1 JIRA's Reminaing, Release Contents and the Gipper Speech
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 14:45:40 GMT
There are currently 136 JIRAs open against 1.1 as the target fix release.  I would like to
managing these down to zero as we march towards release.  Here is a best guess to get 1.1

Target release date: May 26th (1 month past the original date)

To make this date we have two weeks left to complete the remaining JIRAs.  Here is how they
break down:

14 Blockers
52 Criticals
42 Majors
24 Minors
  4 Trivial

I think we should focus on the Blockers first and then the Critical ones.  Aaron, most of
the JIRAs 
in these categories are assigned to you.  I've had a few people ask me what they can do to
help so 
I'd like to start pointing them at JIRA's.  Could you go through the ones assigned to you
unassign the ones you don't think you'll have time for so we can get them to some other folks?
not sure which ones you already have in progress.

Between the Blockers and the criticals we have more JIRA's than we'll likely be able to address
we'll have to draw the line next week.

As far as contents of the Release I see it shaking out like this:

4 releases as we had last time (Tomcat and Jetty on Windows and Unix).  I'd also like to include

Little-G as well.  However, that will also include 4 releases which seems like a lot.  It
sense for this release but one of the "Roadmap" items would be to figure out how we will "create"

the custom servers so we have a single download that can generate the desired server so we
bloat the number of images for download.

There will not be an installer for several reasons so this will have to be a 1.2 item.  Anyone

interested in picking up where Erik left off?

I'd like to get a new unstable release out today or tomorrow before Java One (probably tomorrow).

We'll have one more unstable release late next week or early the week after and then get G
out by 
the 26th.

Thanks to Kevan, Jencks, Dain and Blevins for and everyone else that struggled testing.  Its
hard but I think we're in good shape.

Let's get G 1.1 out the door so we can focus on new feature / function for a while.

Thanks all...we're almost there.

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