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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Commit configId to moduleId?
Date Sat, 06 May 2006 07:24:13 GMT
I also was just about to suggest a .module extension, but after further 
thought, having an extension longer than three characters is likely to 
reintroduce the filename length issues (under geronimo\repository) on 
Windows during the builds.

How about .mod or .mdl.


Jason Dillon wrote:
> I'd be happy if we never ended up calling any file a .[a-zA-Z]ar.  I 
> think that the ear/war/rar thing is lame to start with, the folks that 
> continue to use the same lame extension naming system (sar, har, dar, 
> car) just perpetuate this silly system that Sun dropped on us.
> If we need to use extensions to clarify what something is, then lets 
> use something more sensible.  Like for a module, why not just use 
> .module?  If you want to still say its a jar, then .module.jar, but 
> please lets not make it a .mar.
> --jason
> On May 5, 2006, at 7:40 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>> Sounds like the consensus is to change it (although I don't remember 
>> a formal vote although I do remember the discussion).  For my part it 
>> sounds like we're changing the configId to moduleId to decrease 
>> confusion.  It seems odd that the modules are called CARs 
>> (Configuration Archives) or some such thing.  I think we're making 
>> the server more confusing because now less things actually line up 
>> from a naming perspective.
>> It just doesn't feel like we're giving our users a lot of stability.
>> As David said, Just my $0.02.
>> I would like to see more input from people though.  I've been 
>> travelling so I must have missed the vote to put it in.
>> Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>> I think now is the time to discuss if we want to commit the change 
>>> from configId to moduleId.  If we decide to commit the patch, the 
>>> timing of the actual commit will be determined by Kevan to have the 
>>> smallest impact on the TCK.  The patch makes the following changes:
>>>   o Renamed root element from "configuration" to "module"
>>>   o Renamed environment element from "configId" to "moduleId"
>>>   o Renamed schema from "geronimo-config-1.1.xsd" to 
>>> "geronimo-module-1.1.xsd"
>>> Based on conversations over the past few days, I think we all agree 
>>> that "configuration" is a poor name choice, and we want to change 
>>> it.  I also think that we all agree that if we are going to make the 
>>> change we should change the xml schemas before 1.1 ships to have 
>>> minimal impact on users (we already have schema changes going into 
>>> 1.1).
>>> Should we commit?
>>> -dain

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