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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: About Geronimo Plugins
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 01:03:39 GMT

I really like the concepts of the plugin and where you've taken it so far.  I am concerned
that the site is not a site that can be accessed by committers.  In the unexpected

event that the site becomes unavailable for some reason I would expect to get some traffic
on the 
dev list.

I would feel more comfortable about distributing the samples and other artifacts that are
part of 
the server today from the geronimo website.  What would it take to distribute the simple cases
samples, daytrader, etc. from so that would be the first
someone sees and the other links could be in the drop down as well.  I believe this gives
project a cohesive story and allows for expansion.

Others, thoughts?


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> There's a starter FAQ at:
> It you have other questions, it would be great to add to that.
> For more detail, see this set of slides:
> I don't yet have the sample code ready that goes with that, but you'll
> get the idea.  It walks through using, distributing, and creating
> Geronimo plugins.
> I'd be happy to have a discussion about what can and can't be done
> with plugins, how they're implemented, etc.
> Thanks,
>    Aaron

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