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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Questions about site
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 13:45:29 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:
> On 5/1/06, John Sisson <> wrote:
>> I noticed that the 1.1 console has the site as a
>> default value for the URL in the "Import/Export Configurations" page.
>> This was introduced in 
>> .
>> I have a few questions:
>> Was the plugin concept, site etc. discussed on the dev list?  I haven't
>> been able to find much at all.
> No, not really as such, more in little bits and pieces and discussions
> at TSSJS and so on.  Though I think it was covered in some detail in
> the vision and goals writeup.  I need to do a better job of describing
> the plugin architecture, but I've been kind of holding off until it
> gets out of the testing stages and I can put together a writeup with
> some walkthroughs and so on.  But I'll send out some documentation on
> it later today.

I think there needs to be significant discussion about this on our
community forums.  This one has caught a few folks by surprise.

>> Where is this site currently hosted?
> Erin's currently donating the hosting.
>> Will it be an ASF hosted site before the 1.1 release goes out?
> No.  Among other things, it needs to be able to host non-ASL plugins,
> including GPL, commercial, whatever.  We really need a central site
> for *all* plugins, not separate places for ASL plugins and non-ASL
> open source and non-open source plugins.

The hosting location is an issue.  I think this needs discussion and if
it is going to be hosted somewhere that is non-ASF, I think an open
source locale such as Codehaus or SourceForge would be appropriate.  I
personally am not happy with a link off our portal going to someone's
personal site.  We need consensus on this.

>> Where is the source for the site?
> The source for the plugins themselves is presently entirely in the
> Geronimo SVN tree.  To make a configuration into a plugin, you just
> need an extra XML descriptor, and the Geronimo packaging plugin has
> hooks to insert that into CARs as they are built.  However, as new
> plugins come in, it will no longer be the case that all the plugin
> source is at Apache.
> The source for the web site itself is on the site.  It's not open
> source (e.g. the images are not redistributable as such), however,
> we'd be glad to set up accounts for any Geronimo committers who want
> to work on the site.  And the web site really isn't the important part
> -- it just a way to navigate to the plugins themselves.

This gets a -1 from me.  Any links off our portal should pass muster
with the powers that be, which I believe probably should pass through
the PMC and very likely Apache, the community, and I would hope that the
hosting link is just as open as Geronimo/Apache is
(Codehaus/SF/, etc).  If Apache, the PMC, and everyone else is
ok with this, then I am willing to acquiesce based on consensus, albeit
with great dismay.  The plugin idea is great, but the way in which this
has gone about is not community focused.

I don't mean to be the negative voice, but something this big should go
through significant discussion with the Geronimo community before
implementing it.

I would like to hear what others think about this.


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