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Subject Issues Closed: week of 05-19-2006
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 11:00:04 GMT
Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (25 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-2034]  [deployment] ensure output streams are closed in finally blocks
 * [GERONIMO-2035]  [system] ensure input and output streams are closed in finally blocks
 * [GERONIMO-1997]  Not possible to account for startup time in --long startup output due
to configurations showing 0s
 * [GERONIMO-2032]  [console] Some input and output streams are not closed in finally blocks
 * [GERONIMO-2033]  [axis] ensure input streams are closed in finally blocks
 * [GERONIMO-1443]  The hot deployer should accept plan-only deployments just like the online
 * [GERONIMO-1929]  Enable web apps exposed on separate ports
 * [GERONIMO-1981]  Web Connector has GBean=(container name) in AbstractName
 * [GERONIMO-1402]  Recipients set by calling MimeMessage.setRecipients(RecipientType, Adress[])
not remembered by getAllRecipients()
 * [GERONIMO-1958]  Handle incomplete plugin downloads
 * [GERONIMO-2000]  PluginInstallerGBean generates invalid geronimo-plugin.xml files
 * [GERONIMO-1900]  Sample app links on welcome app are broken by default
 * [GERONIMO-1936]  WAR deployed with configId with no type isn't treated as WAR by deploy
tool, is by console
 * [GERONIMO-1569]  improve packaging plugin control of logging.
 * [GERONIMO-1934]  Incomplete dependency resolution assumes JAR as type
 * [GERONIMO-1212]  Timeouts in commons-fileupload
 * [GERONIMO-1756]  Move from 1.1-dev version of commons-fileupload to version 1.1
 * [GERONIMO-2012]  Reflect configuration -> module change in config.xml
 * [GERONIMO-1822]  Connector builder doesn't check consistency of transaction settings

** Improvement

 * [GERONIMO-2029]  Plugins cannot install files outside repository
 * [GERONIMO-944]  Bundle a JavaMail implementation & SMTP provider
 * [GERONIMO-2022]  New printed Book available - patch for documentation page attached
 * [GERONIMO-2018]  Change temporary system proerty flags to start with "X"
 * [GERONIMO-2021]  backport the activemq-embedded-rar from trunk to 1.1

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