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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject undeploy, redeploy and hot-deploy
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 19:40:09 GMT
This refers to - and
    If a webapp with named "myapp" is deployed, It gets deployed as
default/myapp/..../war. it is not possible to undeploy it with - 
java -jar bin\deployer.jar undeploy myapp
   It must be undeployed using :
java -jar bin\deployer.jar undeploy default/myapp/explicit-version/war
    Here are my observations - 
1. o.a.g.k.Repository.Artifact.create(id) does not allow id of the form
"myapp" and throws exception. 
2. A method almostMatch(Artifact a) (or a better name..) is needed that
will match
default/myapp//.. with default/myapp/explicit-version/war.
   This will allow us to undeploy using just "myapp". This will also
solve the problem with the hot-deployment in G-1947.
needs to call exactMatch in the 'second pass' so that
default/myapp/explicit-version/war is  returned in the list. 
   Is this the correct approach?


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