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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject need AbstractWebModuleBuilder to always add WEB-INF/classes to cp
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 16:38:24 GMT
When creating a WTP web project, there is no WEB-INF/classes since  
the classes are located in the java output folder folder for that  
project.  I'm expecting to receive a resolve query for this however  
the configurationStore.resolve method only queries for the URL to WEB- 
INF/classes if that folder existed at the initial deploy, thus the  
start of the module fails.

Does anyone have a problem with having AbstractWebModuleBuilder  
always add WEB-INF/classes to the classpath, rather then only if it  
exists on the initial deploy?

This will also help fix inPlace deployment on an exploded project  
which on the initial deploy did not contain WEB-INF/classes, and was  
added after the fact and so the module will not have to be redeployed  
to pick up WEB-INF/classes.

- sachin

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