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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: Thinking about 1.2 and moving forward
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 19:03:51 GMT
I agree this maybe the best option given the circumstances, but in the future we should avoid
this mess by reducing branch usage for only isolated unstable feature work.... Or get an SCM
that can handle merging. 

It should be possible to have seperate development branches and then be able to safly merge
them. IMO it is a massive problem with Subversion that it can not handle this... :-(


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From: Jeff Genender <>
Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 09:04:13
Subject: Re: Thinking about 1.2 and moving forward

+1.  I think trying to merge 1.1 to the current 1.2 trunk would be a
nightmare, indeed.  Moving aside 1.2 and making the 1.1 copy a new trunk
is the best decision, IMHO.

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I think we're at the point where 1.1 needs to bake for a bit and we'll
> release it in a few weeks. Since I expect that folks will want to get to
> putting in new feature and functions for 1.2 I wanted to kick off a
> thread to get that discussion going.
> I'm consolidating here my recollections of discussion on the list about
> what to do.  The idea that made the most sense to me was to move the
> current trunk to another branch and copy the 1.1 branch to trunk.  We'd
> then have people merge their changes from the the old trunk to the new
> and start on 1.2.
> I'm not sure about timing but it might be nice to have this work done
> before Java One and the hackathons.
> Thoughts?
> Matt
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