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From "Nikolay Chugunov" <>
Subject The name of key store type is hardcoded in the sources
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 16:05:14 GMT
The name of Sun-specific key store type is hardcoded in the sources, so it
might not work on non-Sun VMs.
>From my point of view, there are two ways to fix this problem:

1. Always use BKS key store of Bouncy Castle (
security provider, because it is open-source project. Geronimo can use BKS
if I just replace JKS word to BKS of in the source of Geronimo. In this case
Bouncy Castle security provider should be in class path in Geronimo.

2. Change sources so Geronimo will use a key store type which exists in VM.
Key store type existing in VM can be discovered by invoking
KeyStore.getDefaultType() method. Disadvantage of this way: if I build
Geronimo on Sun VM, it generates JKS key store file, which might not be read
by other VM, because of lack JKS key store implementation. So binary builds
might not work on other VMs.

Can you advise which way Geronimo should use?

*Nikolay Chugunov*
***Intel Middleware Product Division**.*

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