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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: DayTrader Update - 1.1 Release coming up
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 13:29:55 GMT

Here's a patch that precompiles the JSPs in the web module. Please
give it a whirl.


On 4/24/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
> I am in the process of moving DayTrader out of the 1.1 Geronimo branch.  Since this is
a performance
> and J2EE sample I expect we'll be releasing it independently of Geronimo.  Here are a
few things to
> know so far.
> 1. You can checkout DayTrader at svn co
 It is
> built nightly on the GBuild setup (thanks Mr. Blevins)
> 2. The only remaining modules left in the Geronimo tree is the database which I'll have
converted to
> M2 this week.  When that is complete DayTrader will be built completely on its own and
will simply
> become a dependency that can be included if desired.  (Vincent, if your interested in
this piece
> I'll take your patches :)
> 3. DayTrader includes deployment descriptors for both Geronimo and JBoss.  I have not
been able to
> get JBoss working yet with messaging yet so please do not consider these artifacts the
> performing ones.  For the JBoss lurkers on our list, take a look and let me know if they
can be
> improved; we know your out there ;-P  I'm happy to accept donations for DD's and deployment
> instructions for other AppServers.
> 4. 1.1 will be versioned this week or early next week.  This will be the basis for performance
> comparisons.  SNAPSHOT versions are not comparable as changes in the project can affect
> results.
> 5. I'll be adding a performance section to the WebSite this week so we can answer the
FAQs about
> Geronimo and performance.
> 6. I'm looking to get DayTrader into shape so it can be installed from the Geronimo Plugins
> This will make installing the sample easier and also reduce our download and startup
time for the
> Geronimo distributions for 1.1.
> DayTrader Futures
> * Someone is looking at providing a Spring / JDBC function that will extend the modes
of operation
> of DayTrader.  There may be some work on EJBs as well.
> * Stan Cox from IBM indicated that he wanted to include some modifications to the benchmark
> include AJAX primitives and functionality.  Hopefully Stan will have some information
soon to share
> on his recent exploits.
> * We need to upgrade the benchmark to provide a more flexible deployemnt.  Right now
all the modules
> are inter-related to some degree and have too strong of a dependency on each other. 
I want to break
> the benchmark up in a way that you can deploy only the WebComponents if you want (Tomcat
/ Jetty
> testing) and that kind of  thing.
> * JEE 5 improvements to exercise EJB 3.0 and the new persistence API.  OpenJPA will get
engaged soon
> I hope so we should be ready for them.
> If you are working on something or have some interesting information to share, send it
> Cheers.
> Matt

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