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From "Udovichenko, Nellya" <>
Subject Final fields serialization mechanism in Geronimo Corba RMI IIOP implementation
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 15:56:06 GMT


My JDK version is Sun JDK 1.5. When I use Geronimo Corba RMI IIOP implementation

class org.apache.geronimo.interop.rmi.iiop.FinalFieldSetter throws RuntimeException

because the implementation of FinalFieldSetter interface cannot be found 

if JDK version differs 1.4. 


I have found that there is a class org.apache.geronimo.interop.util.SystemUtil which chooses

the adapter according to the current JDK version. This adapter is used for FinalFieldSetter.

The bug is also reproducible on BEA JRockit 1.4.2_04/1.5.0. 


Therefore, some questions appear: 


1) What do you think it needs to be done if JDK version differs from 1.4?  


2) Why JDK version is obtained from 'java.vm.version' parameter rather than 'java.specification.version'?

   Can we avoid using of the adapter? 


3) Сlass sun.misc.Unsafe in FinalFieldSetterJDK1.4 is used for object recreation without

   invoking a constructor. Can we use default serialization mechanism instead?

   I have also found reference to the bug in Sun JDK <>


Does anyone have any ideas? 



Thanks, Nellya Udovichenko,

Intel Middleware Products Division



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