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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Significant module ID issue for 1.1
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 03:55:53 GMT
We seem to have a number of problems around module IDs (config IDs)
with no versions.  I don't think this needs to hold up an early (e.g.
beta) release of 1.1, but I think it ought to be addressed for the
final release.

One nasty one has already been fixed, which was that references
weren't resolved correctly between modules in an EAR if it had no
version (the searches had a version number but the actual GBeans
didn't, etc.).

I know of at least two more:

 - the hot deploy directory repeatedly deploys a module with no
version, presumably because it's always different (you end up with
multiple deployments of the same app, conflicting over web context
roots, etc.)

 - config.xml settings are believed to be ignored for new versions
(e.g. if you update to G 1.1.1 all settings go back to the factory
defaults, and if you redeploy 6 times you get 7 entries in config.xml)

We need some extensive testing of this before the final 1.1 release.


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