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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject How do I get the path to an exploded WAR?
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 04:29:50 GMT
So if you put Geronimo behind Apache HTTP, you may want to have Apache
serve the static content from your applications, and have Geronimo
handle only the dynamic content.

To do this, you need to point Apache to the directory containing the
exploded WAR in the repository.  Since of course I want to provide
this information in the console, I want to pull it out of the
Configuration/ConfigStore/Repository/whatever in Geronimo.

The trick is, the WAR may or may not be in an EAR.  It seems like
ConfigurationStore.resolve(Artifact, String module, URI) is almost
what I want, except I have no URI and I don't know how to generate the
"String module" (which appears to be the name of the WAR file within
the EAR, whereas all I have is the ConfigID for the module).

I'd like to have a method like ConfigurationStore.resolve(Artifact
parent, Artifact child) which would give you the path to an exploded
directory.  The first argument would either be the WAR for a
standalone WAR or the EAR for an EAR+WAR.  The second argument would
either be null for a standalone WAR or the WAR for an EAR+WAR.  Then
the config store would be responsible for decoding the Artifact for a
nested WAR back to the appropriate directory on disk.

Does this sound reasonable?  Dain or David J, can it be implemented for 1.1?


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