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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Geronimo JDK 1.5 Status
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 00:28:22 GMT
I've heard a bit of misinformation floating around, and I'm not 100%
sure I have the full picture, so I want to see if everyone agrees on
these basic facts:

1) Geronimo is not certified on JDK 1.5, and will not be until we have
a JDK-portable CORBA implementation (e.g. Yoko)

2) There are 2 features of Geronimo 1.x that don't work under JDK 1.5
(and *everything else* works perfectly):
 - CORBA (EJBs exposed via CORBA & references to remote CORBA EJBs)
 - Instances of javax.xml.namespace.QName serialized under JDK 1.4 and
deserialized under JDK 1.5

3) Geronimo ships with CORBA disabled by default, so that is not a
problem for the out-of-box Geronimo configuration.

4) Geronimo 1.0 ships with the DayTrader sample application which uses
serialized QNames, and therefore fails to start under Geronimo 1.0
with JDK 1.5

5) In conclusion, to run Geronimo 1.0 under JDK 1.5, make sure to
undeploy the DayTrader sample application and don't turn on CORBA and
everything will work fine.

Is that right?


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