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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: New Feature: Configuration Import/Export
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2006 16:23:55 GMT
OK, I've put some more work into this feature.

Now you can have one Geronimo server download and install
configurations from another Geronimo server.  In other words, the
console has a servlet that behaves as a Maven repository, and the
configuration import process now supports repositories that use HTTP
Basic auth (for the console anyway; not the command-line tool yet).

I also changed the configuration list format to XML.  If you want a
sample, look at
(in HEAD) and use the admin username and password (in this case it
generates the XML on the fly from the contents of your config store).

Finally, you'll no longer be prompted for Tomcat apps if you're
running Jetty and vice versa, and each configuration can say which
versions of Geronimo it supports and you'll only be prompted for
configurations where either no version was listed or there was a
version match.


On 3/24/06, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> I've just added a new feature to the console whereby it can export an
> installed configuration to a CAR file, and also install previously
> uninstalled configurations (CAR files and dependency JAR files) from a
> Maven repository (though at present, it depends on a properties file
> being in the repository the provide some metadata on the available
> CARs).  It also still doesn't have any reasonable feedback during the
> download process.
> Anyway, I'm not really looking at this as a final definition of the
> feature, more a look at what we can do so we can talk about the best
> way to do it.  (For example, we've talked about how it would be nice
> to have command-line tools to do this, and while some of the code
> could be extracted, we'd potentially need a separate file upload
> solution, if we can't reuse the remote-deploy web app.  Also, it can
> only install from a Maven repo [vs a direct file upload] so it can
> fetch needed dependencies.  Also, it doesn't take advantage of the
> soon-to-be-on-iBiblio Maven repository manager.)
> As a conversation starter, it would be nice to distribute Geronimo
> without any sample applications to make it a little leaner and faster
> to start -- just have the screen in the console that lets you download
> and install any of them that you want.  I also think it would be nice
> to distribute without Directory and some of the other add-ons, and
> provide the ability to download and install those, ServiceMix, Quartz,
> and other packages we know of integration for.
> If you want to take a look at this, there's an Import/Export entry in
> the application part of the console navigation bar (in HEAD).  You
> need to set up some Maven repo to point it to (though for a REAL quick
> start you can just use a file URL like
> file:///home/ammulder/.maven/repository).  And then you need a file in
> the root of the Maven repo called
> with entries like this:
> Category.ConfigId=Description
> Then enter the URL to your Maven repo in the screen in the console,
> and it'll list all the configurations from the properties file,
> grouped by the categories you specified, and let you install anything
> that's not already available in the local server.  I've attached a
> sample that exposes some of the Geronimo web apps if you want a real,
> real quick start.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron

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